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Share Your Favorite Recipes
T O P I C Discussion Started: 03-25-2002, 5:30 PM Add to the Discussion
Do have a special recipe that you're known for? Or maybe it's one that's been in the family for years. Share it with the rest of us. We're hungry!

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J.C.V.S. 06-05-2006, 12:31 PM Add to the Discussion
Hello Everyone! I was exploring one day with an omlet and came up with this recipe. I call it The Barron Von Schrader Omlet. Hope you try it and "Bon-Appetite"!

Three Eggs in a bowl Splash of Milk (Not to much) Splash of Worcestershire Sauce (Not to much) Splash of B-B-Q Sauce (About a Spoon Full) Whip It, Whip It Real....... Good! (It should have a brownish color to it but, if not add a little more Worcestershire Sauce to it) It works much better on a long flat skillet but you can use a large non stick pan also. If you use the large non stick pan you will have to tilt the pan and get all the egg done.


Sprinkle on Pepper, Garlic Powder or Flakes Sprinkle on Parmesan Cheese Add Sliced Muchrooms Add Black Olives (Slices) Add Honey Ham Small Pieces Add Motesrella, Chedder or favorite Cheese Add Sweet Onion FOLD THE OMLET SEVERAL TIMES ABOUT 3" OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Add Strips of your favorite Cheese at an angle accross the top and choose another type of your favorite Cheese and add Strips of that Cheese going the oppisite direction.

Sprinkle Parmesan over top of the Omlet and you are now ready for a very delicious, and exciting adventure that your taste buds will scream for more. Enjoy!

Kindest Regards,

James C. Von Schrader

mom2babm 06-01-2005, 11:27 AM Add to the Discussion
In response to WhenPigFly's request for Mexican Lasagne. I found it: Mexican Lasagne

1 pound lean ground sirloin 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper 1 14 1/2 ounce can tomatoes, crushed 1 14 1/2 ounce can enchilada sauce, divided salt and pepper to taste 4 slices light American cheese 1 cup low fat cottage cheese 1 egg white, beaten 6 medium flour tortillas, cut into thirds

Combine ground sirloin with first four ingredients in pan, cooking over medium heat. Drain any fat. Add tomatoes, 2/3 of the can of enchilada sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to boil; reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine both cheeses and egg white in food processor until blended and American cheese is in pieces; set aside. In frying pan coated with no stick cooking spray, heat remaining enchilada sauce a little at a time and fry flour tortillas until all have been done. Spoon one third meat mixture into a 12 x 8 x 2 baking dish. Spoon half cheese mixture over meat. Top with half of tortillas. Repeat layers ending with meat. Bake at 350F for 25 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes before cutting.

532seetax 04-12-2005, 11:07 AM Add to the Discussion
Macaroni soup. simple 1 Can of tomato juice 1 lb of hamburger or country sausage. 1/2 of a diced bellpepper 1 dash of dried onion to taste 1 small package of Macaroni Brown your meat. Drain the fat. ADD Bell pepper,onion,tomato juice. Heat to almost a boil and then add Macaroni. You may want to add a little water maybe 1 cup Season to your taste or diet. Salt,Pepper. Hint a dash of Italian seasoning. Cook till Macaroni is done

Makes sence Dave G

whenpigfly 03-17-2005, 8:25 AM Add to the Discussion
I dont have one to share at this time, but I do have a question. I had a really good recipe for Mexican Lagasna but I have lost it. Would anyone reading this have it by chance? All I can remember about it is that it was made with tortillas.

Walkinbird 03-09-2005, 4:07 PM Add to the Discussion
1 medium pot roast, arm roast is best, but any will do flour to dust pot roast oil to brown pot roast 3 large sliced white onions 1 clove finely chopped garlic 1 10 oz can of tomato sauce 1 cup water

dust roast with flour and brown in oil in large deep pan, add onions, garlic, tomato sauce and water, bring to a boil then lower heat to medium low and cook for 1 hours.

Mix in a large measuring cup:

cup lemon juice cup catsup cup vinegar 3 tablespoons brown sugar 1 teaspoon dry mustard

Poor over roast and continue to cook for 1 hour.

Remove roast, remove onions with slotted spoon, thicken sauce for gravy if desired, and serve over potatoes or macaroni and cheese.

Walk with wisdom Walkingbird

lindajune 01-17-2005, 5:23 PM Add to the Discussion
Gosh. Not an active board! Jerrad, I think I have your recipie, or at least I think I can find it. I'll post here, but e-mail me at: lindajune(at)hotmail(dot)com. Use the signs for at and dot.

Meanwhile, it's become my mission to share this with the world. The recipie is at least a century old. Years ago we had a neighbor who would give out little bags of these at Xmas, but she wouldn't share the recipie because it was a " family secret". Years later a co-worker brought a batch to a potluck and gladly shared a copy of the page from her mother's recipie book from the 1920's. Sugared Walnuts 1 cup granulated sugar 6 tablespoons cream 2 teaspoons cinnamon 2 cups walnuts Mix sugar, cream and cinnamon ant heat to softball stage without stirring. Remove from heat. Dump in walnuts and stir to coat. Turn onto cookie sheet, or stir and stir till cool. The syrup will crystalize suddenly into a wonderful creamy coating. Go to just under softball for s softer coating or just over for a crispier coating.

kcfoxy 02-19-2004, 9:22 PM Add to the Discussion
Like most people, I love to eat but I don't like to fuss or make a big mess. Here's a super simple recipe I invented when I first taught myself to cook as a college student.

Casey's Cheese Balls

  • 1 package Brown and Serve Sausages, frozen
  • 2 Cups favorite shredded cheese (Jack or Medium Cheddar are my favorites)
  • 1 Cup flour
  • 4 to 5 Tablespoons softened butter

Combine flour and 1 Cup shredded cheese in workbowl of food processor. Pulse for 15 seconds. Add second Cup shredded cheese and pulse on-and-off for 15 more seconds. Add butter, 1 Tablespoon at a time until dough forms a smooth ball.

Preheat oven to 350. Cut each sausage link into 4 equal pieces. Wrap enough cheese dough around each piece to completely cover it. Each should resemble a small walnut, and the frozen sausage helps to chill the dough.

You will end up with 3 1/2 dozen cheese balls. I use a shiny baking sheet to cut down on browning, and lightly spray with pan spray-no greasing is necessary.

Bake 11-13 minutes, cool on paper towels as these are a little rich...but delicious! Best served hot. No toothpicks needed.

Hints: Work fast when preparing dough balls, as sausage bits thaw quickly. You can freeze these at this point, uncooked, for up to 3 months. Just space on baking sheet, freeze for 30 minutes then you can bag them up and they won't stick. Defrost 20-30 minutes and bake as directed.

poes 12-24-2003, 2:22 PM Add to the Discussion
RosemaryL: realize your posting is from may. *yikes* i've not been on this web site for a long time. thought this might be what you are looking for:

in a baking pan, layer one can of rushed pineapple including juice. top with can of cherry pie filling. top that with yellow cake mix. final topping: layer slices of margarine or butter over the entire cake mix layer. bake at 350 for about 45 min, or until golden brown.

Jerred 11-10-2003, 4:14 PM Add to the Discussion
Wow, it's been a whild since the last posting so I'm hoping someone still looks at this site. I'm looking for a recipe that was in Cooking Light a few years ago for Dried Plum Cake. The issue contained a lot of holiday recipes.


Jerred Gunn

Mimi6 08-29-2003, 11:00 PM Add to the Discussion
Lime-garlic grilled chicken:

Chicken pieces, skin on in large ziploc bag; squeeze in about 4 limes per lb & throw in the rinds, garlic to taste and ground cumin to taste. Salt optional. Marinate at least overnight and up to 2 days, and grill. Great with garlic bread and corn.

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