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Nudist Camps For Kids
T O P I C Discussion Started: 06-24-2003, 10:20 AM Add to the Discussion
U.S. Rep. Mark Foley urged Florida officials to investigate a nudist camp for children, saying it subjects the children to denigrating and dangerous behavior and could expose them to pedophiles. POST YOUR THOUGHTS

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bo437 09-04-2007, 1:57 AM Add to the Discussion
i'm an nudist from georgia and former AANR member.this is JIM CROW for nudist.AANR member clubs do screen all members and non members background checks.AANR approved clubs are SAFE,PROTECTIVE,WATCHED enviroment for nudist seen NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC T.V. TABOO series on LAKE COMO NUDIST black people(i'm black male)we get studiotype and prejudice a lot and still is now,now the nudist getting studiotype now.nudist children are and an safe enviroment in AANR approved REP.Foley,why don't you visit one of nudist resorts like cypress cove or lake como and find out.In the bible in genesis,if ADAM and EVE didn't eat the forbidden fruit from the tree,would we all walk around as nudists?

bo from georgia

kitteycat3 06-28-2007, 8:55 PM Add to the Discussion
Where did the parents forget they where parents. I am a parent. I would never send my child to a nudist camp. As an adult, I have the choice of gathering the facts and deciding what I would do. Childern are learning, to have respect for there bodies and that it should be seen by there spouse or doctor. I do not believe that the camp falls into that catagory. How do you teach them to respect there bodies if we set boundaries.

May God Bless you all that read this

lisamos12 03-09-2006, 9:27 AM Add to the Discussion


trustinjes 08-15-2005, 9:47 AM Add to the Discussion
iran47:are you serious? God was right in everthing He did. When Adam and Eve were created you're right thay were naked and INNOCENT. God not only created us He also gave us choice,you with me so far? Ok, they had a choice to go against Gods will or stay in it. God also created the master deciever which also had choice, and he chose to think he was better than God. In fact, he thought he was god. Sin is from this deceiver to make people find loop holes in the bible to fit their agenda. Having a nudist camp for children is wrong and disgusting and will only warp this world even further. To say it is biblically correct for this type of camp is so wrong but it will be answered for. We are not to temp the little children from our Father for it is a sin that will deffinately have to be paid for. To teach our children something like this is to be considered normal is to take them away from the Father. The human body is not to attract another other than their spouse. Children shouldnt have to decide something like this, they are just children. If adults want to be warped to think this is normal, dont drag the children into it, leave them their childhood of innocence


Ian47 08-09-2005, 4:45 AM Add to the Discussion
Let me get this straight...ok?

God is all powerful, all wonderful, and always does the right thing?

God never makes mistakes?

So God created the Heavens and the Earth, in all its splendour and wonder?

Then he created all the myriad diversity of plants and animals?

Then he created Adam and Eve, both naked, both pure and innocent?

Then, being the all powerful, omnipotent being that he is, he allows Eve to take the fruit of the tree and allows Adam to taste it too?

They then realise they're naked and cover themselves with leaves?

Have I got it right so far?

What is right? Was God correct in creating them naked, or was he teasing them, just like he did by saying "Eat anything you like EXCEPT the fruit of that tree over there! Thats right, the tree I've put in the middle of the clearing with a lovely ripe fruit just within reach. I've given you free will but now I'm saying DON'T EAT IT"

(At this point Adam and Eve are chatting to God naked, happy as Jaybirds.)

(By the way, if God made everything why did he make the serpent some people claim tempted Eve? Agent Provocateur?)

So, simple question: When was God right? When he created them naked, or when he allowed them to think they were in the wrong by being naked?

I'm expecting torrents of abuse from the Bible belt, some sensible conversation would be appreciated amidst the rants. Thank you.

Nude is not rude, Ian

LordMacKay 08-05-2005, 1:06 AM Add to the Discussion
Actually the Divorce Rate in the Nudist/Naturist community is lower than in "Normal" Society.

People who are certain that Nudist Venues are "Sexual" places have Sex on their Brain.

"Life is short, Play Naked"

trustinjes 05-27-2005, 8:51 AM Add to the Discussion
Flaminred: I agree with you. Its asking for trouble. I dont even agree with adult nudist places. Its just another way of geting free porn in a legal way. I wonder what the divorce rate is in nudist camps? All in all, its asking for alot of trouble. If kids are doing it now, Remember, they are our future, and if a bunch think its normal, then , they will probably become as popular as a bar, one around every corner, or better yet, cities full of people walking in the raw and it will be legal.God help us all.

HarleyRaid 04-13-2005, 1:50 PM Add to the Discussion
I always find it funny how the misinformed and ignorant seem to have opinions without any knowledge or experience. Being a nudist does not make one a pedephile, rapist, or pervert. For those of us in the know, it makes us honest, open, and accepting people. There are millions of us around the world. We live in your communities, we shop at the same stores, and our children attend the same schools.

Try it, you may see what we are talking about. Most resorts are family friendly and most will allow your 1st day to be free. If you happen to try Cypress Cove, I'll be the there with my wife by the pool relaxing. Stop by and say hi.

Thank You, Harley Raiderson

flaminred 04-06-2005, 8:49 AM Add to the Discussion
I can not believe any parent would want to send their child to a nudist camp.Thses parents have to be sick.If God wanted us to go around naked then thats what would happen.Your setting up your kids to be molested or kidnapped.There are lots of child molesters out there and they also can go to these nudist camps to be on the look out for their next victim.I think this is a form of child abuse by the parents.How can a child protect themselves from a perpitrator? This is totally unexceptable.


Gargoyle01 02-15-2005, 8:36 AM Add to the Discussion
If kids are raised believing their bodies are fine, then nudity is not an issue. In other countries nudity is accepted and there are fewer sexual crimes and, frankly, people respect themselves more and are less stressed and less uptight. For a country that is supposed to protect our freedoms...there sure are alot of rules here! The state of being unclothed is fine. Of course, if you feel discomfort, do not send your child to a camp where clothing is not a requirement. Just,please, respect my right to choose something other for my child. In some cases, as in the native American or other Earth-Based religions, nudity may be ceremonial. All in this country have a right to practice their faiths. But..if you do think your child would have less of a chance of being sexually abused because they wear clothing more often than not...denial ain't just a river in Egypt? There are few nude-option camps for families in the U.S. and we have more sexual violence than any other country.-As in any other case..a pediphile who betrays a child's trust would NOT do well at a nudist camp, as betrayal of trust in that environment would be harshly and LEGALLY dealt with WITHOUT DELAY! Nudists are about respect, not violation of trustin a very vulnerable state. Possibly, the vulnerability of being unclothed in groups leads to respect of others and less of a need to violate the trust of those others? Maybe it teaches empathy?...When was the last time you made a "move" on your doctor during an exam? (Think on it.-Being unclothed leads to a gentle manner for most.) If YOU don't feel a sense of well-being and comfort being undressed and do not wish your child to attend an area where they can be unclothed,..I respect that choice. I do not have this level of discomfort. My child is fine with or without their Levis.

Sincerely, Lynnette A. Perry

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