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UFO Sightings?
T O P I C Discussion Started: 02-07-2007, 1:55 PM Add to the Discussion
Is it the makings of a Sci-Fi movie in our area? There have been strange sightings of flying objects in the skies. Have you seen anything? Report your UFO story to

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dema1977 09-30-2007, 6:02 PM Add to the Discussion
I think the the lights in the sky that everybody is seeing is ET. you know like in the movie ET. they have here 10 ships here. in 2 groups of 5. 2 men per ship 1 man does the repairing or the up keep of the 5 ships.they have been around for a very long time. their heads are different from ours their bodies are like us. they eat like us, sleep like us. grow old like us. if i remember i think they are here on a 5 year turn around.

wthnow 05-22-2007, 8:46 PM Add to the Discussion
UFO's ? Why not? I think they may actually exsist...they come from all over but never stay...what does that tell you? If I were from another planet..i'd visit...then haul ass!! This may be a nice place to visit but i wouldnt want to live here ...nanu nanu...may the force be with you ect...


ssequestri 02-19-2007, 10:35 PM Add to the Discussion
This is to jaydub, While I am not sure whether I agree or disagree with the Chaplain in regards to the UFO being a form of deception, I did actually READ what he wrote. I find it amazing that someone who obviuosly, knows the bible and the things it says, that you would be so mocking and mean and turn the things he said around so badly. he did not say we would leave on an UFO, he did not say anything of the sort. He said the UFO SIGHTINGS would be a way for the anti-christ to explain away the obvius absence of saved Christians who have gone. I dont know what in the world you are talking about when you keep bringing up these verses that you say are the only reference to a may because they reference multidudes and the elders , but the rapture is in Revelation when Christ retunrs and the Children of God are called to be with Him and are removed from this earth. I really wish that Christians and beleivers would not mock each other but would join together for the purpose of God, not to put each other down and tear away at the good one or both may be doing, what good does that do?? s far as my opinion of UFO's, I think that a UFO is exactly that, and UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT, that does not mean it has to be Aliens from another planet trying to invade us. It can be many things or objects or aircrafts that are unidentifiable to the onlookers on the =ground or to anyone not involved somehow in the actual flying of the aircraft. As another post said, we have put man on the moon and we continue to make aircraft to put man in space, the government has to test aircraft somehow and they cant always advise the public on everything they are doing. I wouldnt worry about the UFO's.

AdvocateD 02-10-2007, 7:36 AM Add to the Discussion
Government cover up, ROFLMAO. They can't keep a secret about who is a CIA agent!! If UFOs were a reality does anyone think that the knowledge would not be used for political gain by someone??

jaydub113 02-09-2007, 10:30 PM Add to the Discussion
In response to the Chaplain's "opinion," If he will recall in the "last days" spoken of by Saint John in the biblical book of Revelation, Jesus, upon his return will descend upon a cloud... sound like a UFO? At the very beginning of Revelation while our hero St. John was in meditation or "prayer" on Patmos, he was "caught up in the spirit," and ascended into the heavens... sound like a UFO? Soon, as John is there in the company of the 24 elders around about the throne, there appeared "a great multitude"... this is the ONLY reference to anything resembling some kind of "Rapture" in the entire Bible... Indeed the entire concept of a rapture is this verse... and the next, when one of the Elders spoken of asks John.. "who then are these?" referring to the multitude... John says "Sir, surely you know..." The Elder replies "These are those born again in Christ..." hence... the "Rapture" WHat's interesting to me is ... where is all this taking place??? Sounds like onboard a UFO. Later on after Satan is thrown into the bottomless pit, the New Jerusalem descends down from the sky... and its heighth, and breadth, and width were all equal... Sounds like a giant Cube... or a UFO... Now these are certainly all open to interpretation, but for anyone to say that UFO's are deceptions by the Devil makes me laugh out loud... Think for yourself people... The world would be so much better off if we didn't have Bishops and Chaplains and Pastors and Reverends who are not very smart and not very open-minded, and definitely not scientific-minded, telling us that natural phenomena we observe is "demonic", and in my opinion a phenomena that has connections with the very beginnings of our recorded civilization, just laugh.... This is the age of reason not superstition... Please Chaplain, give us a break...


lovemylife 02-09-2007, 4:26 PM Add to the Discussion
It is in my opinion that these so called "UFO's" that people claim to see are something that may be created by people. Think about it. If we can make things that go up into space like rockets, and space stations, and devices that can take you underwater while keeping you dry, and technology that is becoming more and more advanced, who's to say that someone can't think of an idea to make a "UFO". I believe that maybe they are testing certain ideas and concepts. I know that these sightings have been happening for quite some time, but wasn't it years ago when we put a man on the moon? Who even knows if that was really what happened. (everyone has different opinions of what happened)

Warmest wishes, J.G.

melchizade 02-09-2007, 10:01 AM Add to the Discussion
From the days of Moses, to Ezekiel, to the birth of Christ and the light shining around the shepards, to the "star" the wise men followed, to the numerous angels having recorded appearances...WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE! Count me in the majority with the recent Roper Poll that says 88% of American's will not change their religious belief if/when our government comes clean with acknowledgment of life elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond.

W Wagner/Smith Mt.Lake, VA

dragonstri 02-09-2007, 10:01 AM Add to the Discussion
While I agree with Chaplain Bill Herrmann for the most part, I do wonder about the 'rapture' theology. And here is my reasoning: The wheat is always separated from the chaffe before it is brought into the barn. Jesus prayed His people not be removed from this Earth and then in Revelation, John stated that at the sound of the LAST trumpet those who are alive in Christ will meet Him in the air, after the earth and sea gives up the dead in Christ. How many trumpets can be after the last one?

As in the days of Noah, so shall be the days of the coming of the Son of Man. What was happening 'in the days of Noah'? Why it is my contention that the sons of God came down and were mixing their seed with the seed of man, producing a new race. This smacks of what is going on today with the so called abductions, the bio-engineering, and cloning. Ladies and gentlemen we are seeing what the world was like 'in those days'. where scoffers are everywhere and people are being decieved by self proclaimed evangelicals and leaders who do not know they have allowed the darkness in. What is being experienced has been invited and it is very very spiritual. God bless all of you! Don't be decieved by these things. Ben

Ben (Dragons Triangle)

opeagle 02-08-2007, 5:48 PM Add to the Discussion
Speaking as a theologian and a ordained consecrated Chaplain of the Christian Faith I would simply state the following:

It is my considered opinion that the Sightings of recent days, stemming all the way back to the 1947 Sightings at Mt Rainer,Washinton by private pilot Kenneth Arnold over 60 years ago are spiritual phenomena manifesting themselves as objects,discs,or ufo's for the express purpose of deception. I base this on over 35 years of personal research and Bible Study. It is my conviction that this Phenomena is demonic and nefarious in origin and one of the Biblical signs related to the Eschatological calendar of God's Economy and a direct sign that Humanity is living in the Last Days of human history as we know it. Think about it Folks-- the UFO Phenomena is global in scope, mysterious in analysis and yet multiple Millions have witnessed UFO's since 1947 all across the globe. When the Rapture-the Translation of the Church of Jesus Christ transpires and millions disappear--what better explanation would there be from the Antichrist to calm down a panic-striken world-than to say that the millions who disappeared in the Rapture were taken by UFO's ? When it happens--if You are left behind after the Rapture-watch and see if I am in error. I know what I am talking about here Folks and I sincerely and seriously urge strongly the following:

Under no conditions place Yourself in close proximity of a ufo. I strongly urge that those who come into close contact with these Phenomena vacate the area as soon as possible. Under no condition approach any of this type Phenomena alone.

If You do so, You will be at considerable risk. Thank You for your time. Chaplain Bill Herrmann 1st Timothy 1:12-15 OperationEagle@Comcast.Net

Respectfully submitted,

clyde8 02-08-2007, 5:23 PM Add to the Discussion
This morning at about 6 am my wife and I were driving to Florence, SC and saw a bright light in the Southeastern sky. Actually it appeared as two or more lights and not a single light. The lights were either stationary or moving very slow, not like any aircraft (other than a hovering copter). We observed the lights for a couple of minutes while driving, then they disappeared, or at least we could not pick them up again. As a former pilot I do not believe we saw a meteor, star, flare, or aircraft. It appeared to be at high altitude. It could have been the space station if it was in that location at that time (shortly before sunrise).

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