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Border Security
T O P I C Discussion Started: 02-02-2006, 12:13 PM Add to the Discussion
National Security and Immigration Reform - the hottest topics of the year. What are your thoughts on the topics? Here's your chance to sound off!

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ep-hawkeye 05-17-2010, 10:48 PM Add to the Discussion
As far as the situation in Arizona goes..... It's stated in FEDERAL LAW that if you're NOT a Legal citizen of this country, no matter what nationality you are, then you ARE here under false pretenses and you SHOULD be deported. All of these illegal immigrants in Az. who want to cry and complain about the Government taking them away from their children because their kids ARE legal citizens and the parents AREN'T. I'm sick and tired of hearing them whining. One woman on the News last Monday admitted on TV that she is afraid to leave her house for fear of being deported and then openly admitting that she is in fact NOT a citizen of this country. Was she arrested and deported after that interview? If not then Homeland Security really ISN'T doing their job to word. Sylvestre Reyes needs the illegals in this country because that is the ONLY WAY he keeps getting re-elected. Run a count of votes for him every election then compare that to the actual amount of REGISTERED voters in El Paso County. I think you'll find that there is a substantial amount of undocumented immigrants(not legally allowed to vote) who turn up only during election time and this is the only way that that FRAUD keeps winning a seat in which he should have never been allowed to be in in the first place.

sd_hog1 11-19-2008, 11:36 AM Add to the Discussion
Over the last week, the uproar over thousands of illegal aliens being released from Texas jails, without being deported is truly a cause for concern.

These revelations clearly show that both the state and Federal governments are failing in their basic responsibilities to enforce our existing laws and protect American citizens from criminal illegal aliens.

We would like to encourage all Texas lawmakers and members of the media to correct this outrageous situation at once!

We also want to ask that you please STOP circulating the misleading information that "immigrants" or foreign born people commit less crimes than American citizens. Nobody is asking if immigrants commit more crimes.

This debate is not about law abiding immigrants and it is anti-immigrant to intentionally confuse immigrants with illegal aliens. Yes, legal immigrants commit less crimes because these are people that have both been vetted for criminal backgrounds and have displayed a pattern of law abiding and respectful behavior. Of course legal immigrants commit less crimes.

Illegal aliens commit more crimes per capita than American citizens because they have bypassed the required criminal background checks, herald from high crime third world poverty areas that are under gang rule, and displayed a pattern of illegal behavior. About half of our illegal aliens have cut financial deals with drug and human importing violent criminal cartels and gangs to enter the US!

The public is not served when the media or lawmakers abuse the truth and legal immigrants by trying to conceal the public safety threat posed by illegal aliens, by masking their crimes with statistics involving LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The mere fact that one study, which uses the lower crime statistics of our legal immigrants, to mask the higher crime statistics of illegal aliens is being used, illustrates our point that illegal aliens commit more crimes.

It is clear that all illegal aliens are criminals, that most engage in a series of crimes including document fraud, identity theft, illegal entry, and taking a job it is illegal for them to have. It is also clear that crimes committed by illegal aliens are almost 100% preventable, as such crimes rarely occurred in the prior history of America, due to a stronger level of immigration enforcement. Any level of crime committed by illegal aliens is unacceptable and to let them out of jail without deportation is an outrage.

Please stop circulating misleading information about the crimes of illegal aliens and please stop bashing legal immigrants by comparing them with illegals.

We will be sending this notice to every lawmaker and reporter who we see continuing to circulate this misleading propaganda, in an attempt to minimize the political uproar over illegal aliens being released from jail to go back on American streets to rape, steal, and kill.

Neither reporters or lawmakers should be making such erroneous statements and you should not be intentionally trying to force the public into anti-immigrant stances through the use of such biased materials.

Don't accuse the public of engaging in anti-immigrant behavior, when you are the one engaging in anti-immigrant behavior and trying to confuse the issue between legal immigrants, illegal aliens, and all Hispanics.

skip9 11-03-2008, 1:34 PM Add to the Discussion
mrland-you make and accusation of abuse by police and thats a serious charge,but shining a light is not abusive treatment. I think our police are very professional but when you think you get treated unfairly or see something of question about an officers actions than you should get a name and a badge number and report it. It's your right to be treated fairly but the police also have a tough job to do and that shouldn't be forgotten.


mrland 10-29-2008, 7:15 AM Add to the Discussion
I feel the El Paso Police's border checkpoint into Mexico is abusive. It's abusive not because of the principle of the checkpoint but rather because of the abuse if rights which the police get away with there. For example, I was about to pass when a light blinded me for a moment because one of the officers was standing about 15 feet away with a device which he used to shine into my car right into my eyes. If something was possibly wrong they should have stopped me but not sneek into a corner and do something because they can get away with it. Further, police should be setting examples of not only upholding justice but of being just and fair whereas what these officers are allowed to get away with is a microscopic example of what happens when authorities are allowed to work unsupervised and unaccountable when given a chance to do so.

skip9 10-22-2008, 1:15 PM Add to the Discussion
Isn't that what a border is suppose to do? seperates and divides. Look at history all you want but this is a new world we are living in and if you don't see the increase in more violent crimes and have some sort of fear than you have no idea what is happening on and around the border. Build the fence and if it takes more people to guard our borders than do it. I don't care what country you come from just come to the U.S and contribute to our country and do it legally. English is our official language last time I checked so one should learn it. not Spanish, Arabic,Russian.


iwillanon 09-30-2008, 7:44 PM Add to the Discussion
Well, this great country is built of the blood sweat and dreams of people from different countries.

And who exactly is this fence protecting us from again? terrorist or illegal aliens, or the bogyman? I forget. I stopped watching mainstream media for the most part cause I don't care to be scared 24/7. I mean sure its great the constant feed of sensationalism, but after awhile my nerves are frayed and I wanna sleep without reverting to pharmaceuticals. But after it is built, I will probably feel safer with some turrets located every 200 yards or so.

The beauty of a fence is that it works both ways. keeps people out, ohh and it also keeps people in. More importantly it separates and divides. Helps people be secure in their fears. Only need to look at history for some insight on the subject, But no.. Using such a valuable resource as history wouldn't be prudent when it comes to the safety of our loved ones.

Just thinking aloud, William Anonymous

skip9 08-29-2008, 3:35 PM Add to the Discussion
National Security/Homeland Defense. This is everyones job not just the U.S Government but also our local government(Weak)and the local Police and Sheriff and every person of the United States. People say how terrible 9/11 was but that's in the past and nobody whats to do more than they have to. Remember Terrorists have no feeling for you, your family,friends and anything else you care about. It's a tragedy if it happens to you but your the same person that say's let's keep our borders open. Doesn't make sense to me


alabama23 08-29-2008, 2:26 PM Add to the Discussion
Skip I agree with you, alot of people don't understand that.

skip9 08-29-2008, 12:13 PM Add to the Discussion
Bottom line is if you are illegal and you know it your wrong. If you get deported it's because your wrong and illegal. If you make your family suffer it's because your wrong. Stop blaming the government about seperating families, grown-up are suppose to know the differance between right and wrong. Illegal is Illegal, The law is very specific why does it have to be more than that?


George45 08-22-2008, 6:41 AM Add to the Discussion
Crime is crime and there is no shortage of it in El Paso. An undermanned PD amidst a BP population need to merge and share juristictions in order to address this crazy place.

Look at the FBI most wanted list and there demonstartes a part of the problem, criminal illegals grew up disrespecting authority and now face big time. All at the further risk to society.

You can't segregate authority in a crisis. Wake up, report a smuggler! Report a stash house!

If we all be part of the solution, all are better off for it. Without all on one sheet of music the orchestra sounds like noise. Today we have noise.

The US Constitution provides a great deal of rights; they are coupled with responsibility. Claiming one and dismissing the other is not what a citizen does.

A citizen uses rights and fulfills obligations.

Allowing this region to fall to further decay and with it becoming an infection source for the Nation must be denied. Look at Mexico, look at Juarez.

Our law enforcement community must lead by example, not only in authority but in life. A MORAL LEADER in the community has more respect and authority than any badge can provide.

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