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Why Did Issel Resign?
T O P I C Discussion Started: 12-12-2001, 11:41 AM Add to the Discussion
What do you think of Issel's resignation? Will it be good for the team, or bad for the team?

Why do you think he resigned? What would you do if you were in his position?

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Colonative 12-13-2001, 12:06 PM Add to the Discussion
We can't express our thoughts any more eloquently than Colorado#1. We completely agree with him. Issel should not be fired.

BKCrowe 12-13-2001, 11:39 AM Add to the Discussion
As a Hispanic American, my opinion is that Mr Issel, should not be fired. We need to look at ourselves and ask what we would have done in similar circumstances. Mr Issel has been a great contributor to our community and we should not let one moment of rage cloud the numerous positive things he has brought to us. The Nuggets have given him his punishment via his suspension. Dan will have to face a much harsher judge, himself, as I believe that his standards are much higher than those he exhibited. I have attended functions where Mr Issel was present and he has always conducted himself in a very respectful and courteous manner. I fully support Mr. Issel and our Denver Nuggets.


Rummtugtug 12-13-2001, 8:28 AM Add to the Discussion
I live in Greeley and get a lot of grief from some of the Hispanics here. Called all sorts of names and made remarks about....I guess I should find their employers and demand that they be removed. I just let it roll off and relize that the Hispanic people I know that are good make up for the bad. No keep Issel.

jason23720 12-13-2001, 8:16 AM Add to the Discussion
NO. there is absolutely NO reason to fire him over something so petty. The "fan" LIED on public television, saying that he didn't say anything. i really doubt that Dan would have said that without being instigated. If Dan DOES get fired over this, I think that the REAL fans should boycott the Nuggets, as that decision would reflect how unfair and one sided this whole thing is. The Mexican community needs to get off the soapbox, and realize that this wasn't aimed at "The Mexican Community", but at this one, ignorant, stupid individual. Just accept his apology. My family on my fathers side is Mexican, and I've heard some really BAD things thrown at Mexican people. What Dan said wasn't that bad. It wasn't that good... but it doesn't constitute Dan losing a job that he's had for so long.

Gratis 12-13-2001, 7:57 AM Add to the Discussion
There are two different issues we are dealing with here: 1) professionally - Issel should pay the consequences of his irresponsible behavior. The fan (maybe an idiot, liar, drunk, etc.)can not be blamed for the CHOICE that Issel MADE. Only Issel can be responsible for his choices. 2) Personally - it shows the TRUE COLORS(we are all "recovering racist" at best).

Issel should not be fired, his "public trial" might be enough.

The Denver Nugget's needs to donate at least his 4 game salary to Hispanic Scholarships, neighborhoods, churhces...or black scholarships,European Americans, Vietnameese, etc, etc.

Ron1001 12-13-2001, 6:41 AM Add to the Discussion
No Issel should not be fired. If he is then the fan who precipitated the incident should lose his right to attend any more games. I do not understand why the Hispanic community is getting so upset. The fan was called a "Mexican". Was he not a "Mexican". If the man acts like a piece of **** shouldn't he be called a piece of ****. Dan did not impune the Hispanic Community, only one man who asked for it. Put blame where it is deserved. Blame the fan for un-fan-like conduct.

NinjaZX7R 12-13-2001, 2:33 AM Add to the Discussion
According to the actual tape, Bob (the idiot fan) said to Issel, Mike Evans (assistant coach) and Nick Van Exel, "Issel! You suck """"!".

To make matter more irritating, Ron Zappolo, in a one-on-one interview asked Bob (the idiot fan) if he said anything profane to Coach Issel. He responded, on-camera, "No, nothing".

This is where matters need to be tended to, as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and community leaders need to have Bob (the idiot fan) apologize to all those he lied to, sitting in his own living room.

THUS - this whole thing has gone from bad to worse, as now Bob (the idiot fan) is receiving his "15 minutes", and we are all glued to the media, elevating him to such.

Yes, there are two sides - and they have been played. Dan was in-the-wrong, but so was this so- called 'fan'. However, Coach Issel is a role-model and Bob (the idiot fan) is not. This is where we are attempting to draw the line of accountability, as Dan Issel has to be, since he is in the spotlight whenever and wherever he goes. Bob (the idiot fan) however is not, and apparently he felt he can act as such without response.

All-in-all, this whole matter is obviously sad for all parties. This is where we have to pull ourselves up, and not be a Cincinnati, nor a South Central or Miami.

Chances are, we will see no public rioting, but then again - there are certain to be mass gatherings in the coming days, and this is where we need to make sure we differ our city/state, from those that have allowed situations as those referred to above. It is bad enough to have 'riots' after winning Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, and Big XII Championship games, and unfortunately it is usually less than 10 persons that incite such disgraceful acts - we need to be on watch for this, as there will bountiful chance when these gatherings take place tomorrow and the next few days.

We should think as many do, and get past this, as we really need this coming holiday season to remember what hope and family is all about. This past year have been a tumultuous one - one that needs to be remembered, but in the past, and put away in our memories, in hope of better times to come.

Gotta have faith... Right?

Craig in Denver

catalyst 12-13-2001, 12:52 AM Add to the Discussion
I'm American of Mexican extraction and should he be fired? Nah. He made a mistake that he apologized for and is paying through the nose. For that alone he is a good responsible albiet confused man (isselfan). Pro althletes and coaches accept ridicule as part of their salary. It is in their contracts. He knows that - some here don't or are convienently ignorant of this FACT.

But.. what is appalling and inexcusable to All true Americans and true Christians is spoiled brat whining and veiled racism that is masquerading behind defense of free speech and supposed minority complaining. My American family of Mexican extraction has fought in every war since WWI for our country. CIA, FBI, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, you name it. We have fought for the good people and the spoiled brat whiners too. No complaints there or here.

The defense of actions that are derogatory (to Americans of Irish German or Mexican et al extraction), are as such a non-defense of Americans Patriots and as such is as much treason as it is cowardly. You know who you are and the veiled (or not so veiled hatred) is a kin to a Bin Laden in his evil and his lack of integrity and civility. Think about it... Issel is a good man - he fessed up and apologized - doubt many here would or could.

slsprstrs 12-13-2001, 12:10 AM Add to the Discussion
True, Issel's remarks are not of the best taste, but is he not human? I honestly believe that what he said was not out of racism, but out of frustration and stress. I'm from Hispanic descent and I wasn't the least bit offended by the "Mexican" remark. If someone runs off to the mouth, what does he expect from anyone, especially someone going through what he's going through. I say give him a break. Everyone says things they regret and if you say you are an exception to the rule, you are an idiot. Plus, there is a difference between a Mexican and a "Mexican piece of ****. Right? You get what you deserve.

Be balanced, Shawna

tamaramitz 12-12-2001, 11:55 PM Add to the Discussion
If Dan get's fired? What happens to the other guy? Does he loss his job too? What would his boss think of him or his neighbors or his family? How embarassing it would be for him.Is it relevent to coaching basketball? (Poor Bobby Knight bet he never said anything bad)Yes I agree that what Dan said was not appropriate but, to loss a job over it. The world has more important things going on than what Dan Issell said in the heat of the moment(which everyone knows he's embarrased of and has apoligized for)Move on!!!I think if the press puts Issels face all over the news it would only be fair to let the public see who the other guy is since he was offensive as well. If this is a free country why is the news media hiding this other guy? This doesn't seem very fair. Shouldn't this other guy also apoligize for his rudeness on national tv?


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