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Are Pit Bulls Getting A Bad Rap?
T O P I C Discussion Started: 02-09-2004, 1:41 PM Add to the Discussion
Pit bulls have been involved in several recent attacks in Colorado, renewing efforts to ban them statewide. Are pit bulls getting a bad rap? Owners say that smaller dogs are more likely to bite and the media is blowing the pit bull attacks out of proportion. What do you think? Are certain breeds more vicious than others? It is the dogs fault or the owner's fault?

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Kristi31 02-09-2004, 2:44 PM Add to the Discussion
Yes they ARE! I'm furious with all the irresponsible pitbull owners I've been reading about in the last few months that let their dogs run loose! I own a pitbull and I would never own another breed of dog. He's the only dog I've had and the only one I'd ever get. They are lovable, sweet, have tons of personality and very protective of their mamma. I tend to not believe some of these stories where the pitbull has just randomly *attacked* someone. The only story I believe is the Elbert County lady. The media is blowing this way out of proportion. A pitbull biting is a lot more sensational than a golden retriever bite. What really pisses me off is the rest of the irresponsible dog owners out there. I ALWAYS have a leash when I walk my pittie yet there are so many morons out there with their dogs off a leash. I have no shame in owning a pitbull and I'm proud to tell poeple what kind of dog he is when they ask me, especially the ignorant idiots.


1Frankie 02-09-2004, 2:52 PM Add to the Discussion
Pit Bulls were bred for one thing .... fighting. It's to bad as I love dogs. My mother had a kennel when I was growing up and we raised German Shepards and took in strays, so I've been around dogs my entire life. Pit bulls can snap at any time. My best friend had a Pit living next door and his dog and the Pit played on a regular basis until one day the Pit just about killed my friends dog. Having a Pit bull does not make you a bigger man just a punk. Ultimately it is mans fault they are the way the are! To Bad too!

epett 02-09-2004, 3:12 PM Add to the Discussion
How many people need to get mamed or killed by this breed of dog before something is done?! Yes, I know that there are RESPONSIBLE Pit Bull owners, but this type of dog more than probable any other has the temperment and the ability to be lethal. When was the last time you heard about a stray Poodle killing someone. Other breeds of dogs can have irresponsible owners too but usually that only results in someone getting bitten. Like alway, a few irresponsible people make the rest of us pay!

DJAMES8912 02-09-2004, 3:27 PM Add to the Discussion
The owners are at fault. They abuse these animals for fighting purposes. And to make them selves seem like big people. I own a weiner dog that is probably more vicious then pit bulls. Many people have lost an ankle thanks to him. He is very protective of his family part of the breed. Never read of a weiner dog attack do ya.Well there you go.


wmc90 02-09-2004, 3:33 PM Add to the Discussion
Who are you calling a punk? I know you aren't talking to me. I own a Pit Bull and she is the sweetest thing in the world!! I know that she won't turn on me or anyone else that she knows or meets. It is all on how you raise the dog, I had to associate her with other dogs while she was only a pup. Now she thinks that all dogs are play-mates that chase her and to play tag with. Pit bulls are not bad dogs, any dog could be just as vicious as the Pit Bull, but other breeds don't get as much media attention.


Kristi31 02-09-2004, 3:49 PM Add to the Discussion
Oh please...Listen to the sensationalism... The only person that was mauled was the Elbert county lady and that was because there were 3 of them. I wouldn't trust being around a pack of dog regardless of what breed they are. The lady in highlands ranch got nicked on the nose and on the calf. Give me a break!! DRAMA!! Those pitties are strong enough that 2 of them especially, could have mauled her to death in 2 seconds if they wanted to. There is more to this story than 2 pitts randomly "attacking" a lady and her 2 dogs. I don't believe it! If you want to ban this breed 'cause it's "vicious" than you might as well add Akitas, Chows, Dobies, Rotts, and German Shepards to the mix.


fear 02-09-2004, 4:49 PM Add to the Discussion
I was attacked by a poodle once. I have a pit bull. She is the sweetest dog in the world, and the most damage she's ever done is licking peoples faces. I agree that it's all in how a dog is raised, if you raise a dog to be violent, it will be violent, if you raise a dog to be a sweet animal, as you should, then that is how the animal will act.

FrankDaPit 02-09-2004, 4:53 PM Add to the Discussion
This message is mainly for epett. The reason you never hear about a poodle killing someone is because a poodle is not strong enough .If they were, these damn thugs would breed them to fight just like pitbulls. Did you know that the pitbull was a symbol of america in WW2. Look up old ww2 memoribilia and you will see the pitbull representing the U.S. It wasn't until the 70's when gangs realized the power of pitbull that they became so famous or should I say infamous. Most of the reason pitbull's "snap" (which is so blown out of proportion....sensationalism was a good way to put it.) is because of years of inbreeding has poisoned their genetics. Are pitbulls dangerous around other dogs? Absolutely. Are they a danger to Humans? Not any more than any other properly trained and cared for dog. Probably less in my opinion. I own 2 pitbulls and will never think of owning another dog. Educate yourself before I get my dogs to eat you.....hahahahaha just kidding.

Cactus53 02-09-2004, 4:57 PM Add to the Discussion
most animals are bred for a purpose. You would not take a Thoughbred out to round up cattle because they were bred to run and usually do not have a clue how to handle a cow nor are they built to get after cows. Dogs are the same way, they were bred for a purpose. Pit bulls are basically terriers, and terriers are agressive because they were bred to go after animals. Having had terriers all my life I know that they are aggresive and when my children were small, I took great care in teaching them the correct way to handle a dog. They are all working with animals as a living now. People need to learn to keep the dog on a leash and manners. Dogs do get out, but if it happens once the owners need to get a clue and build a better fence.

windride 02-09-2004, 5:01 PM Add to the Discussion
This entire topic only goes to show the ignorance of the majority of our population! Does anyone remember when German Shepards were unreliable and would attack at a moments notice and are now considered loyal and intelligent companions? Remember when Dobermans were thought to have a skull problem and thier brains would outgrow it and then they were prone to attack thier own owners? Or the ever wonderfully (so called)aggressive Rottweiler that was actually bred to be a herding dog and is actually very gentle and loving and not at all mean! All of this is ridiculus! I have owned several Pits and they are, without a doubt one of the most intelligent,loyal, trusting, and loving breeds around. I would trust any one of my dogs with any child at any given curcumstance. Am I drug dealer or some other deviant of society? No I am an upstanding citizen who lives a very normal life. The problem lies within these idiotic people who are too narrow minded to see that it is not the dogs at all, but indeed the people who own them and train them. My God, you can train a poodle to be an attack dog, and just for fun, poodles by far, bite more people each year than any pit bull so why not pick on them for a change? Pit bulls are getting a bad rap and do not deserve it. They are much smarter than than that are you?

Miss Michelle

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