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Vote 2004: Presidential Debate/Local Issues
T O P I C Discussion Started: 10-04-2004, 4:11 PM Add to the Discussion
Who do you think won the second presidential debate and why? What sticks out in our mind as a high point or low point? Did the debate change your mind or reinforce it? Who is more believable, Bush or Kerry?

How do you feel about some of the local issues that will be up for a vote in November? What do you think about Amendment 36, which would change the way Colorado allocates its electoral votes? Do you think allocating a proportion of the electoral votes based on the percentage of the popular vote make it more fair? Or do you think it would make Colorado irrelevant in the terms of electoral power?

What are your thoughts on FasTracks and the U.S. Senate campaign?

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Barb.Rohre 10-08-2004, 10:21 PM Add to the Discussion
I do think that Bush did a better job tonight than he did at the first debate, which surprised me. I had anticipated that he would not do well when left without a script. I particularly appreciated Kerry's explanation of his proChoice stand. He was able to explain my position in a coherent way; being personally against abortion but not believing that abortion is something that should be legislated. I pray that Kerry goes on to win this election!

In Peace, Barb

drdavid 10-08-2004, 10:21 PM Add to the Discussion
I feel that while President Bush, performed better then in the 1st debate, he still did not have the answers I feel the American people are looking for, especially with regards to Iraq. I felt he was full of excuses. In light of all the reports that have recently been released with regard to Iraq... President Bush needs to be accountable for the mess he and his cabinet has gotten us into.

sincerely, Dr. David Duquette

mtrosen 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I was undecided until I watched the 2 ladies heading the local campaigns. I saw in the Kerry party the same mud slinging that that has been typical in this election, but the Bush rep didn't engage in this behavior. After this, I decided to support Bush. Thank you for having these ladies on your program.

Perhaps America needs a co-presidential system. Vote Bush/Kerry!


LMHARTMAN 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I watched tonight's presidential debate and what an awesome confirmation it was to me in my continuing decision to vote for President Bush. I found it interesting that an advocate for Senator Kerry made a comment on your news station that President Bush should stop pretending to be something he's not. In my opinion President Bush has made it very clear on where he stands, and what he stands for. He is a man of God, and he's never been ashamed to proclaim that. He knows that alone could cost or has cost him votes. However his allegiance and loyalty to God has stayed strong. Never waivering to be "popular" just firm on his beliefs. Unlike his opponent, whom I feel proclaimed his christianity tonight as just a tactic to try and win more votes. So I ask you, who's pretending to be something the're really not? Sincerely, Melissa Hartman

Sincerely, L Melissa Hartman

Lynn Haass 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I believe that President Bush is an honest person. John Kerry is trying to impress people with his eleoquence. Being eleoquent does not necessarily mean you have a grasp of what is happening in the world. Also, the Kerry supporter who spoke this evening would do well not to quote Al Franken. He is not a resource most Americans look to for guidance. George Bush may be overly simplistic, but he is genuine and speaks from the heart.

Lynn Haass

Lynn Haass

dklindt14 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I think President George Bush won the Election tonight because continued to stick by his resolve and decisions that he has made and showed that with every single answer. The one point that sticks out in my mind is the President Bush continuously says again and again that he will defend our country and he sticks by his decisions, Senator Kerry says that he will defend our country but also says how wrong it is that we are in Iraq even though after looking at the same intelligence as the President, he agreed to go after Saddam. This debate reinforced my decesion to vote for President Bush because he will tell the American people how he feels, why he makes the decisions he does in the best interest of our Country's Safety and well being, and he will admitt that he has made decisions that are sometimes against the public opinion, but still keeps the American people's Safety in mind.

Aurora CO Veteran

Don Klindt

Diane Moss 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I felt the president did very well tonite. I feel he spoke honest on all questions. This president had more to deal with in the house than most presidents. 9-11 for one. Who knows how anyone would of dealth with this kind of terror. Does Kerry really know if he could of done a better job. My vote still lies with the truth. And the truth, is George Bush. This war would be long no matter who would be the best commander. Kerry says he has many plans, but has he discussed them yet? NO

Yhank You, Diane

Kevinlt11 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
I was hoping to hear more about the local issues on this special. Why is it the news media feels they need to tell us what we watched for the last 9o minutes. Please spend time on what we really need to know, the local issues.

rvd350z 10-08-2004, 10:22 PM Add to the Discussion
First of all, the guest on Channel 7 News who was supposed to talk about the candidates' "body language" and "how it could tell us more than what they say" did NOT talk about the candidates' body language. Instead, she voiced her support for George Bush via her effusive praise for how he had improved and seemed more relaxed. A discussion of "body language" should have focused on postures, gestures, facial expressions. George Bush presents himself as a 6-year old schoolyard bully. He is unfit to run this country. He is an idiot who cannot effectively form a decent thought that reflects any deep understanding - and if he has such thoughts, he cannot effectively communicate them. He does not deserve - and the WORLD cannot afford - ANYmore of George Bush's wasting - JEOPARDIZING - the future!


marystampr 10-08-2004, 10:23 PM Add to the Discussion
I think Sen. Kerry won the debate. Once again he showed he had answers. Bush spent most of his time debating and defending himself against Kerry's comments than answering questions. I think President Bush was very defensive and evasive.

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