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JonBenet Ramsey Investigation
T O P I C Discussion Started: 08-17-2006, 12:30 PM Add to the Discussion
District Attorney Mary Lacy says new DNA evidence clears the Ramsey family of any involvement in JonBenet's death.

The DNA points to an "unknown male" as the killer.

It is one of several stunning developments in the investigation into the girl's death in 1996.

Tell us what your thoughts are about the case and the latest developments.

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Jaquableu 03-28-2011, 6:01 PM Add to the Discussion
I cannot get anyone to reply to my concerns.

I have called many-many times but no one ever followed up with me.

This is haunting me and my daughter who was a victim of Gary Timothy Mathers Jr who is currently in the Ohio Prison systems.

Ck the DNA against him and see if he may be the one your looking for. The time line is right. We lived in Arvada CO at the time.

He molested many kids, he choked me for sexual pleasure, and he is a psychopath. He even told my Daughter, don't hug or kiss me or I might kill you like Jon Benet. He was in Colo Prison for 8 years for molesting my daughter in 1996(who looked a lot like Jon Benet), and he is now in Ohio for raping his stepson.

You can contact me if I may be of any assistance. Just please reply so I know you have got this info.

ria2000rda 08-14-2010, 10:20 PM Add to the Discussion
I just posted a long message but forgot one important thing. This case cannot work with DNA....because it's abvious that it has been contaminated from the beginning. Therefore, would treat this case completely defferent and do everything as if we did not have DNA evidence. Alibis, time schedules, family, history, stores, and even personal computers. Also, Friends, neighbors what do they know about John's other kids? Was John closest to his small children? Do they believe his other children where neglected? Older kids friends.....did they ever hear anything that JB's siblings where planning? How did the older child die? Car accident? Did the family have any resentment towards him? Just too many Questions that are not beeing asked.......the Ramseys know the killer because they found this out early on in the investigation and ......they will never turn Johns kids in .........That's my guess.....The Ramsey's Know/Knew their Killer...... & Just like O.J. they have gotten away......FOR NOW.


ria2000rda 08-14-2010, 10:03 PM Add to the Discussion
This story really angers me. The fact that it has yet NOT Been solved? It's very upsetting.... Look the note shows three people involved. The person whom wrote the letter & two others watching over JB. This gives a clear indication that it was JB's half siblings with half sisters' boyfriend. According to the Autopsy, JB had pineapple in her stomache. This tells me she was with someone she trusted and probably tall. Tall enough to reach for a can of pineapples. What I meant was,"where do u keep pineapples?" Could they have been in the kitchen cabbinets? The Pantry? Where they frozen pineapples? Who would know this? Housekeepers? Who would know that you where Receiving a $118,000 Bonus Check? Did you receive any calls in the past week or two? This Has Extortion Written All Over!!! Something went wrong......And so they had to execute original plan and get rid of her. She saw her killer/s knows her killers....they tried to botch the crime then the crime scene....the writer shows nervousness, insecurety, immaturety,someone whom obviously was trying to extort money from the family. Talking about the family, how was the relationship between John & his other kids? Was it close? How did they feel about their other sisters death? Could this have been revenge? What about the ex-wife? How does she feel about JB? What happened on Dec 23rd? Did he & hes older children have a fall out? Who called the police? Someone obviously dialed......Who reassured the police that all was well..... Where half siblings & visitor out of the house? Could they have arrived a few hours earlier? Were they there on Dec. 23rd during the call? What is their alibi? There is waaaaay toooo much We don't even know. Does anybody know? I'm sure the police does.... And My FINAL QUESTION!!!! DO THEY THINK THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH THIS? REMEMBER.........GOD IS FAIR......SEEK FORGIVENESS....BECAUSE JONBENET IS A LITTLE ANGEL WITH GOD......BUT YOU WHOM HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS HAVE YET TO BE JUDGED.....


aphrodite21 04-14-2010, 10:28 PM Add to the Discussion
they all screwed upfrom the begining, they di not preserve evidence at all there should have bee more detectives at the home, to watch everyone. this case was nothing but chaos and accusations. when it is solved i will be glad

Texas Lady 04-04-2010, 9:41 PM Add to the Discussion
Take a second look at Santa who was at the Christmas party and known by the family.

Harley J 12-05-2009, 8:36 PM Add to the Discussion
I hate to say this, but they need to treat this like a brand new case. Go back to the beginning and concentrate on EVERYONE that was in contact with the family at the time. Especially the Housekeeper's family and people that were at the Christmas party. I remember VERY well the HK saying that she needed help in getting all the Christmas trees out & up (they were stored in the basement) and she had her daughter & her daughter's Boyfriend come over and help her. The police need to ask all of these people to take a DNA swab. Also, all people involved in JB's dancing classes. If they refuse to take a swab....they would definitely go on a short list of suspects. Also, ALL neighbors at the time & everyone John worked with. Get swabs from everyone. This case CAN be solved. It is someone that knew her or/and the family, and had been in that house. I am sure of that. This is NOT a so-called 'common criminal', but he will molest other little girls & I would say has since JB. His own girls, neices..etc.


hauptmann 07-10-2008, 9:59 AM Add to the Discussion
Is this "new" information another Karr?

sallym77 07-09-2008, 4:27 PM Add to the Discussion
Regarding JonBenet Ramsey, This family suffered and people looked down on them and many did not give them a break. It's just a good example of why we should not act as the judge and remember a person is innocent until proven guilty. This could happen to anyone.

kizzys20 07-09-2008, 4:23 PM Add to the Discussion
I am so Happy it's about time. I have always believed they didn't kill their daughter. I am like everyone else and want this case solved. I just wish Patsy could have known this before she died.

Thank You Pam

WildThing1 07-09-2008, 4:15 PM Add to the Discussion
Glad the DA's office has finally admitted they were wrong for a change. The personal apology to John Ramsey was a nice gesture. Hopefully the case will finally be solved once and for all, and people might just realize that the family was innocent all along.

You don't like it? Tough

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