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Got An Opinion On Pit Bulls?
T O P I C Discussion Started: 06-14-2006, 9:46 PM Add to the Discussion
Do you think pit bulls make good pets?

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bobbiann33 02-26-2008, 11:57 AM Add to the Discussion
I got a pitbull as a surprise..really my son found him abandoned under a car half frozen, he must have been no more than 10 weeks old and brought him home. The first thing I said was that he's a pit bull, he can't stay! Well, he crawled into my arms and went to sleep..needless to say, we still have him after 4 months now, and he is the sweetest most affectionate dog I have! He sleeps cuddled up next to me, always wants to be on my lap..what a really great dog. I can't stand people saying they are viscous..I thought the same thing until I got him. He's just a big cuddle bunny.

gotdank 03-07-2007, 2:12 PM Add to the Discussion
I understand what you are saying. I also understand the miscommunication here is my fault due to lack of time to explain. I will try once more though.

When the courts reviewed all the evidence, they weren't just looking at the dangers towards people. The entire breeds history and all evidence about it was discussed, including the dangers to other animals.

Canine professionals proved to the courts that the pit bulls history was not any worse than many breeds when it comes to violence. killing for hunting, protection, or any other reason/s is still extremely violent aggressive behaviour. These dogs due just fine, in general, with a responsible owner. Their traits were not issues when properly trained. The same goes for pit bulls. In fact, pit bull breeders of the past didn't even breed for aggression or fighting abilities. The men that created pit bulls bred with one thing in mind, game. Game by itself is not a problem, it's a willingness to see a task through to the end with no regard for ones own safety. This was what won the fights and what pit bulls were specifically bred for, not aggression.

True pit bulls are called "game bred", not anything related to fighting abilities or aggression, just a willingness to die trying to make his master happy. A complete un-selfishness. Of course, aggression came along with the lifestyle but, this was not the purpose of breeding game dogs, unlike the countless breeds that were specifically bred for aggression, not game. Game does NOT equal aggression, it will play into it if thats the purpose of the dog but, if it's not the purpose, game can be used for anything, including a companion canine like no other.

But, that's not the point, we all know pit bulls can be very animal aggressive in the wrong hands, but can't a German shephard be human aggressive in the wrong hands? Can't a terrier be animal aggressive in the wrong hands? Can't a greyhound be a cat killer in the wrong hands? Nothing is unusual about pit bulls in the right hands. They are 100% normal dogs. In the wrong hands, they become problems, in the right hands, they will do just fine most the time.

The concerns that go with pit bulls go for ALL breeds bred for some form of aggression, and that is a heck of a lot of breeds. Almost all of them at one time or another. In fact, the term pit bull only referred to a specific breed for about the last 130 years. Before that pit bull meant any dog that was used for fighting, if a lab was used to fight, it was a "pit bull". So when you read about the history of pit bulls, you're not just reading about the breeds we call pit bulls today. You're talking about each and every single breed, or mutt that was ever used for fighting. In fact, pit bulls are a mix of terriers and bull dogs that did very well. Some of these still exist today and people have no idea they were even the foundation of "pit bulls". They all do just fine. Not only that, pit bulls are now used to create new breeds like the bull mastiff and, tosa inu, among others. These dogs also don't have the problems. It's all the stigmata around pit bulls and the low lifes that want them for the wrong reasons that are the problem. Pit bulls have been proven to be 100% normal dogs.

It's still going to be a battle for us, but make no doubt about it, we are winning where it counts. The other side has lost every single court case trying to prove pit bulls to be dangerous to society for whatever reasons. All they have won is cases involving individual dogs, and in city council meetings.

Certain states already have laws forbidding discrimination by breed and currently there is a bill before congress to make it illegal coast to coast.

The fight is far from over but, we are winning.

red viking 03-06-2007, 8:29 AM Add to the Discussion

You're lumping behavior traits together and not addressing the argument here. Few if any terriers were bred to fight each other in the past. If they were, it wasn't nearly to the extent of pit bulls. An informed person understands that pit bulls are just as nice around people as any other dog, but it is 100% false that their good behavior around people equates to good behavior around other dogs. Not that simple. You're study that you claim to have read most likely refers to behavior towards people, not other dogs. I suggest you do some more in-depth research or talk to somem people who have been around pit bulls.

gotdank 03-04-2007, 11:59 AM Add to the Discussion
Have to be really quick, sorry. It's absurd to suggest pit bulls are different some how,as the courts have already concluded. Most(not all) breeds were bred at one time for some form of aggression. Terrier translates to something like "underground killer". We have dogs bred for protection, hunting, chasing, attacking people, and yes, killing. All these breeds do just fine,in general,with a responsible owner.

What makes the pit bull different? Only the people who make the absurd assumption that only the pit bull's aggressive past somehow dictates it's predictability differently than other breed's aggressive pasts. Please do the research.

Meche229 02-20-2007, 7:52 PM Add to the Discussion
I mostly agree with what Red Viking stated, but I have one addition. Pit Bulls are not just aggressive toward other dogs, it can be any animal. It is because they are part Terrier, which are naturally animal aggressive. I have both a terrier and 2 pit bulls and my terrier has to be watched around other animals including my two pits. This dog is a sweet dog and is great with one of my cats, but can't stand the other. So there is more watching. However, I try to be a resposible owner and make sure everyone has a safe place to go and call their own. I make sure his shots are up to date and only walk him on a leash. When people ask if they can pet him, I say no because I don't know if he will bite. He is not a vicious dog at all, but he has staked us out as his territory, so we have to be careful. However, I would trust this dog with my life. My two pits would just shower you with kisses. They would help you carry my stuff out to the curb, but I also trust them with my life. I believe that dogs are what their owners shape them to be, but still have charateristics that are specific to their breed.

red viking 02-13-2007, 10:06 PM Add to the Discussion
I think some of you don't quite understand the breed too well. Let me clue you in.

1) Pit bulls (in general) are naturally friendly, stable, and wonderful animals around people. 2) Pit bulls (in general) are not as friendly toward other dogs. They won't always attack, but a lot of times they will. This is because a lot of pit bulls were bred or descended from bloodlines that were bred for fighting in the past, even if it was several generations ago. Yes, you can breed animals for certain temperments, just like you can breed them for physical characteristics. Lowery didn't fight pit bulls but some probably had fighting in their genes. Some may have been descended from dogs that Lowery was known to fight in the past, around 25 years ago. 3) You can't "train" pit bulls to fight, like you can people. Think about it. It is impossible. What do you think these people do, teach them moves and situations like at wrestling practice? 4) Even though they are friendly toward people, an irresponsible person who wants a tough dog will naturally select a pit bull because they have the natural ability to hurt people if they want. Any dog can be trained to be mean but not every dog has the physical ability to be deadly toward people. In that way, pit bulls are more "moldable" than other dogs for people who want an attack dog. As a result, certain dirt bags abuse them and a lot of them become mean toward people.

Lowery's dogs were friendly toward people. Ask his 9-year old daughter or anybody who was at his house. The DCHS doesn't count, they obviously have an agenda.

Pit bulls are wonderful dogs, but people who say they are just like any other dog don't have their facts straight. Some are, but in general, they are more aggressive toward other dogs. That is their main "flaw".

romack 02-13-2007, 8:30 AM Add to the Discussion
I feel pit bulls, like any dog, can be a great companion if they are raised in a good home and taken care of. I adopted one of the 44 abused huskies found in Rock County last year. Huskies aren't known to be agressive but when we first brought him home he would growl when you got too close to him when he was eating or chewing on bones. Now that he knows that he's going to be fed and taken care of everyday he's become a great member of the family. I think if you treat any dog the way you'd want to be treated they will be a great companion.

hndnbus72 02-13-2007, 7:11 AM Add to the Discussion
We are Pit Bull owners and I aggree that it is a sad situation with the dogs at the Humane Society. It is the responsibility of all dog owners to see that there pets are kept in control and it is sad to say many are not. Don't blame Pit Bulls for all the problems they are loving and great pets. Spend time, train and socialize and they are no different then any other breed.

bngn2007 02-12-2007, 8:34 PM Add to the Discussion
Hmmm, of all the newpaper articles and news stories of a child or adult being attacked or KILLED by a dog I don't recall too many of them being by a lab or retreiver. All the stories name a PIT OR ROT as the attacker. If I know if my neighbor had one of these dogs I would be up in arms! I have a young child and I would do all I could to protect her. Yes, it's true some have wonderful temperments and would make good family pets but the MAJORITY of people that have these dogs are drug dealers and the couple in question are no different! These people have these dogs for a reason. My honest opinion.

red viking 02-09-2007, 6:13 PM Add to the Discussion

Remember that pit bulls, just like any other dog, can be bread for certain temperments. Nobody is going to argue that dog breeds have various personality tendencies. Doesn't mean they are "out of line". Some people breed pit bulls to be "game" for fighting. That was what was being argued in this case. Remember how dogs act toward people is not necessarily how they act toward other dogs.

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