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Concerned About School Shooting?
T O P I C Discussion Started: 04-17-2007, 11:06 AM Add to the Discussion
In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting, are you worried about your safety?

What do you think can be done to avert these types of disasters?

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Hankidan 10-16-2007, 2:52 PM Add to the Discussion
ChristianM, have you ever noticed that the city with the most strict gun control laws (Washington D.C.) also has the highest gun related crime rate.

camtep 07-31-2007, 3:12 PM Add to the Discussion

best regards jesus

ChristianM 05-11-2007, 7:03 PM Add to the Discussion
Bragg for basic, Moody for pilot training and I have climbed 30 of the top 50 in the world without a gun.

Migs, like many you are afraid, we need to enforce laws and even 39 years ago I was unarmed in southeast asia but I am not afraid and not belligerent, arrogant or dumb.

We need strict gun controls and we need all people that have weapon to be able to pass rapid fire pistol with a minimum of 80 points with 10 shots and $20 million in liability insurance.

I do and never carry, but then again 99.9% of do not unless we deal in drugs or have huge weapon stores or are hated.

VT happened because we are a stupid gun owning nation that cannot enforce the basics. I made it through 1969-70 without ever carrying a weapon in a dangerous city.

Guns are for the paranoid, the collector or the enthusiast hunter. A dog is better protection than any weapon, but then again I am educated, confident and unafraid but prepared.

If you need a gun, you need a psychiatrist, or a cell. Graduation at VT will be somber and sad, unfortunately, those that need a gun will continue to live in fear and by their vote endanger us all.

migs21 05-11-2007, 8:55 AM Add to the Discussion

For a person who seems to be of a military background, perhaps the class on subversion and small team tactics were not taught during your "military" service. First you do not need to land "on the beaches" of the east or west coast. You have it easier moving across the boarders of Mexico and Canada. It has been proven to work very well. You do not need large forces (at least in the beginning) since small teams at specific points of interest are good enough to disable communication, etc. A full force invasion of the U.S. would be suicide, but small groups moving around could disrupt and distract long enough to allow, perhaps submarine tactics to be deployed or even aircraft deployments in out of the way areas. So, Christian it isn't hard, nor impossible. These days, during all the strife, America's OPEN boarders, and discontent around the world, you just never know. No one said it could happen next week or next month, but to deny it could happen at all, why that is just plain ignorance and really not the best plan. After all, it just takes knowledge, good planning, execution, and those devoted to the cause, whatever it is. So, if you don't mind, I'll keep my weapons ready, cause if all we have to depend on is a 12 gauge clay shooter and some dog (by the way easily dispatched with tainted meat) then we may as well raise the white flag and start reading the Koran.

Freedom Always Lars

ChristianM 05-09-2007, 12:31 AM Add to the Discussion
The sad part of this whole disaster is that people that worship guns and are so afraid they keep weapons loaded, is that the paranoid and the fanatics make it too easy for the sick ones that will kill others.

It isn?t a secret that gun accidents and acts of violence against the spouse or other family member are the two greatest factors for guns deaths.

Few guns ever stop a crime and almost never a break in, often motivated by the guns being there to steal.

They had a lady in Kentucky that supposedly defended herself from a man a few weeks back, now we find the man wandered on her property and her fear nearly killed him.

Guns are dangerous, and a good security system, solid doors, dead bolts, tempered windows and a dog will always be better than any weapon.

Our home is formed with insulated concrete walls, solid doors, a security system and good neighbors with our dogs as a back up, and aside from a few animals, or lost neighbors, we have no problems but then again, we are not afraid and don?t keep money or art or valuable guns around.

Interestingly I can assemble all my weapons underneath a blanket and the only one I would ever need, is for clay pigeons and it takes about 8 seconds to unlock the breech lock and drop in two twelve gauges, but in decades, no one has ever stolen anything, including when we lived downtown except my bike in the yard decades ago.

Fear is a terrible thing, having neighbors you know and a dog will always beat a loaded gun.

Did everyone know that most people that keep loaded guns believe in aliens and that people are out to get them!

Wow, al Qaeda swimming across the Atlantic, and then traveling 1,000 miles inland just to get Migs guns....right.

migs21 05-07-2007, 3:23 PM Add to the Discussion
CM, you are just full of yourself. You want me to believe that no one on the earth wants to kill Americans on a massive scale? Geez, bet al Queada would love that speech.

Like I said, since you lock yours up, hope youcan assemble in the dark at 2:30am when they are breaking in your house. Mine I will not assemble, just point and fire, the minute they walk in the house. I have 30 years of weapons training, to include small arms and larger. Also, thank you very much, my parents taught me very well how to handle a firearm when I legally came of age to hunt. The added to that instruction and actually taught me how to "put it in the round", every time.

You defend yourself how you want. Until the laws in this country prevent me from owning a firearm, then don't worry, there will always be many of us to defend those who do not wish to do it themselves.

Freedom Always Lars

ChristianM 05-03-2007, 12:57 PM Add to the Discussion
Migs21, who is going to swim thousands of miles to invade us?

Reality is the stake in the heart of blood sucking conservatives. Guns are fine for hunting, but you pull out all your pistols and rifles and allow me to drop a 500 pound iron bomb and see how well you can defend your self.

No one is coming over here to kill us in mass.

The great conservative hoax is ? if we don?t fight them there they will fight us here.

Lies are great but fortunately the governor of Virginia has sense and is closing one of the loop holes to insane people owning guns.

Fear, ignorance and paranoia is why most people own guns that do not hunt or are professionals.

If you need a gun to feel safe then I truly am sorry your parents and peers failed you.

Guns belong in the hands of the professionally trained and competent, I have them, but use them to shoot in competition and with friends, otherwise they are disassembled and locked up where all weapons belong when not hunting or target shooting.

Guns belong in trained, competent hands, and no where else and the founding fathers agreed, that is why it is predicated to own a gun for a militia, not for paranoia!

migs21 05-02-2007, 3:19 PM Add to the Discussion
Hey Christian, still having problems? Let me give you a little hint on WHY the United States is still "Free From Armed Invasion". The Brits learned it a long time ago. When you have a nation in which the population is allowed to own private firearms, the invasion you plan had better be quick and deadly, least you loose much more then gain and in the end are defeated.

You don't like guns, well that is fine, but since we do have the right to have weapons, perhaps you don't mind if we defend ourselves. You want to depend on the police or the government to protect you at all times, have at it.

Freedom Always Lars

baznmel 04-23-2007, 4:26 PM Add to the Discussion
Speaking of people with self-righteous anger and hatred toward everyone who disagrees with their point of view, it sounds See you at the republican convention? I'll be by the NRA table- I'll introduce you to Nugent.

ChristianM 04-21-2007, 10:53 AM Add to the Discussion
Big44 you need a dose of reality pills and you need to research your opinions -- The special justice?s order in late 2005 that directed Mr. Cho to seek outpatient treatment and declared him to be mentally ill and an imminent danger to himself fits the federal criteria and should have immediately disqualified him, said Richard J. Bonnie, chairman of the Supreme Court of Virginia?s Commission on Mental Health Law Reform. ? The Federal Laws are not being enforced and we need to ban many auto and semi auto weapons. Your concealed weapon would have been useless had Cho come from behind, you are dead and he has more ammo.

Psychos do not need weapons and sorry but if your errant shot hurt anyone in my family you would be in jail or paying for the rest of your life.

Fear is a terrible thing, but being armed is for professionals, not amateur with visions of grandeur of the old west which never was either.

FACT, the guns should never have been sold by LAW.

Please people take the time to read and then LOOK UP the world Militia is a Samuel Johnsons dictionary of 1755 and tell us what it says, because this is the definition of the constitutional amendment 2, the right to be stupid today.

Precious50, please go to an educated theologian and read Matthew 6:5-6 which clearly states that you pray in public for your own glory not for gods. Public prayer is showing off, doing an endzone dance for god and pointing is not polite and not what Jesus taught.

We allow bullying and we brag how we can defend ourselves and that is so full of pathetic arrogance, it reminds me of why some still support Bush, because they can appreciate his arrogance, stupidity and false Christianity.

We need strong longs, but Cho was a disturbed youth, who should have been BY LAW, not fact all, denied any gun.

The fearful, arrogant and greedy want you to have a gun, it is the most warped yet successful rouse ever perpetrated on a populace and many here fell for hook, line and sinker.

We need to educate and protect our youth from violence and teach them how to confront it. Mandatory Militia or Military would help, it taught me to appreciate the lunacy of a an armed public, the tragedy of war and what real heroism is about, like blockading doors, and standing up against tyranny and most important, knowing when to shoot , where to shoot and how to shoot.

This is a great country, now infected with conservative rubbish, fear, arrogance, greed, and elitism. We need to stop this cancer, educate our youth, become better neighbors, informed citizens and do a little research before we support a position with made up facts, the neocon mantra.

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