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Michael Vick Flips Off Fans
T O P I C Discussion Started: 11-27-2006, 9:06 AM Add to the Discussion
Atlanta Falcons quarterback made obscene gestures at fans at the Georgia Dome on Sunday. What do you think of his actions?

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majorviola 12-13-2007, 7:26 AM Add to the Discussion
It's highly unlikely Vick will be out in a year due to the fact that on a 23 month sentence he really only has to serve around 19 months due to the good conduct credit time off that he gets. He also has to be designated to an insitution, be deemed RDAP eligible, and then wait for a spot in an RDAP class. All that takes time. He may not even start a program for 2-3 months as the classes are usually booked up months in advance. So, by the time he hits an RDAP yard, he'll be down to 16 months left, then the BOP will credit him for the month he's already been in. The program itself takes 9 months to complete, that leaves 7 months, and he has to spend 6 months in custody at a halfway house as a program requirement. So maybe he'll get all of a month off. BIG DEAL! Larry Levine owner

Larry Levine

rgeraldo 01-02-2007, 8:37 PM Add to the Discussion
WHY are people making such a big deal over this? Jeez...and for those ADULTS who think he's a sole role model...I hope you don't have children. PARENTS are the PRIMARY role models, NOT athletes. GET OVER IT. Not saying it was proper what he did, but he's human just like everyone else. SOME Falcons "fans" are a trip. Fair-whether as heck. The BROWNS and the B.I.L.L.S. (Boy, I Love Losing the Superbowl!) have more faithful fans...that should tell you something.

Respectfully, RTGeraldo

WhatiThink34 12-06-2006, 6:49 AM Add to the Discussion
Michael, thanks for showing your sportsmanship to the younger fans. Your a true roll model.

What i Think

Violins10 11-30-2006, 10:27 AM Add to the Discussion
ok, people, get over it. Mike Vick brings more excitement to the sports in this city than anyone has since Hank Aaron. This city also has an over abundance of "fair weather fans". I love the Falcons & I love UGA, EVEN when they lose & I still watch EVERY SINGLE GAME. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE. He ran for more yards & did more for that game than anyone out there. Mr. Blank, please get the man some support, as in better offensive coaching, receivers that can catch & an offensive line that will protect him.

Gail Evans

vickfan 11-30-2006, 7:49 AM Add to the Discussion
i really can't believe the ungrateful atlanta fans especially those talking about trades. Vick has brought in alot of hardwork and excitement to the falcons, city and fans. If he goes, that excitement will move to a different team and city and that will leave us with what? The Hawks!!

Parents are supposed to be role models to their kids. I am sure there are alot of parents that have given the dirty bird on their worst days??? Does that make them horrible parents? Go figure!!

Brouse 11-29-2006, 7:37 PM Add to the Discussion
Vick should realize that the fans he is giving the fingure to are the same ones who help pay his ridiculously undeserved salary. Every owner in the NFL is laughing at Arthur Blank for signing this RB, I mean QB for 10 yrs. Only thing worse then being a Falcon fan and having to watch this absurd attempt of Vick trying to be a QB is to be a Georgia Tech fan and watching Reggie Ball.


tabithalee 11-29-2006, 5:07 PM Add to the Discussion
vick thinks he is the only player out there and he dont need the rest of the team we all seen what happend when he sties to be a star it ends with him a makind a obscene gesture


tabithalee 11-29-2006, 5:02 PM Add to the Discussion
vick needs to get his head in the game asap or the falcons are not even going to make it close to the playoffs


matthew143 11-29-2006, 4:25 PM Add to the Discussion
well vick is way better than shaub so let vick run as seen from forrist gump run vick run

matthew143 11-29-2006, 4:24 PM Add to the Discussion
the fans love vick when he wins and hate him when he looses all the falcons fans need 2 back vick up

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