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Guest Book For Norton
T O P I C Discussion Started: 06-13-2007, 9:45 AM Add to the Discussion
Norton the whale shark died Wednesday at the Georgia Aquarium. He is the second whale shark to die at the facility in five months. Share your thoughts on the deaths.

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dog10 06-15-2007, 9:28 AM Add to the Discussion
I read today that Norton had been showing signs of sickness for months. If this is true additional whales should not have been brought to the aquarium. This should be a sign that we need to do more to save the whales in the wild...Whales do not belong in a fish bowl!!!

Regards, Sophie

GA Citizen 06-14-2007, 7:23 PM Add to the Discussion
I think all these aquariums nationwide have gotten out of hand. Bigger than the other city, more fish, bigger fish - it'll never end. All driven by corporate greed - period.

As if theme parks and movies and PS3s aren't enough - what happened to plain ole nature where it belongs? Oh - there ain't enough bells & whistles and blast'em ups in nature and it's BOORING to the ADD/hyperactive kids growing up nowdays. That's right - it's real quiet.

Sad to see the marine life are being zooized for man's [sic] pleasure.

Frankly, i don't want to be in crowds period and Wouldn't these be a diaster if they were targeted by some group with a vengence? Duct tape and visqueen ain't gonna help here.

They can all be shut down for all i care! Spend the money on something meaningful like more greenways & nature parks.

cooterbug 06-14-2007, 4:11 PM Add to the Discussion
I am so saddened by the death of Norton. Whale sharks should not be kept on display in small aquariums. It's not what God intended and if the Ga. Aquarium was not so interested in making money by exploiting these beautiful creatures maybe they might see beyond the almighty dollar. I was fortunate to see humpback whales while on a whale watching tour in Alaska several years ago. It was one of the most awesome and emotional experiences I have ever had. We had over a dozen humpbacks around our small boat and they were diving and feeding and we could hear the sound of their breath through their blowholes. The experience was so profound that I cried and others around me were crying, too. You can't experience this by looking at a captive animal behind glass in an unnatural environment. I hope the Ga. Aquarium will decide not to bring the other whale sharks to Atlanta. Let them live out their lives in the ocean where they belong.

Donna Hartsfield

clatl 06-14-2007, 12:40 PM Add to the Discussion
Based on the first whale's death as possibly chemical-related, isn't it obvious at this point that the chemicals they are using in the tank are toxic and fatal to the whale sharks? I wonder how many other affected/dead animals are not publicized...You'd think with ALL THAT money they spent and the so-called "Top-notch" staff from around the world, they would have been able to get it right. I've been there, and it is nothing more than a wanna-be Disney attraction. The aquarium is a disappointment and an embarrassment for Atlanta.

Preppi1j 06-14-2007, 12:21 PM Add to the Discussion
With the previous whale sharks the aquarium purchased, the sharks were going to be killed and used for their meet in Taiwan (I believe). The owners purchased the animals and rescued them. Unfortunately, the aquarium took drastic measures to try and take care of these precious animals, but with the little research taken to preserve these animals, they flawed. With the research they have learned from these creatures, maybe the new whale sharks will live longer than the previous two sharks the aquarium had.

ibmee 06-14-2007, 11:56 AM Add to the Discussion
I noted the comment that they are hunted in their native oceans for food, and which option would you want? Well duhhh...I'd want the chance to swim for it. Herrrre's yer sign.

thornpj 06-14-2007, 11:51 AM Add to the Discussion
Norton, a great whale, created by an even greater Creator, was not born to live in a glass cage. He was born to be free. To enjoy that life, bestowed on him by his Creator. We should allow these great whales to live as God intended, free and in the wide open spaces of the oceans. My thoughts.

Sincerely,Pat J. Thornotn

kmhux2 06-14-2007, 9:26 AM Add to the Discussion
Yes the awe on the faces of children and adults alike are great to see. But what about the bottom line. These creatures could have lived long and content lives in their own environment. So one day the faces hold awe and wonder at being able to witness the wonders of seeing a whale shark up close and personal, then the next they see that it has died for no other reason than ignorance.

kmhux2 06-14-2007, 9:23 AM Add to the Discussion
I understand the need to learn about our environment, ranging from wild life to plant. i love watching animal planet, as well as other shows pertaining to the wild. But the only thing we seem to accomplish by bringing in some of these beautiful creatures is destroy them. We should study them in their own environment, if we have to at all. Norton could have lived a long and free life if he had been left in his home. not in some tank. Hey guys if it is not broke don,t try and fix it!! How very noble to say that these animals were taken so that everyone could see them and we could learn about them. When everyone knows that the almighty dollar is the reason. Here is an idea, lets take a domesticated human being and put them in the wild and see how they do. If they survive, bring them back into there own environment so they can tell us how they felt being out of their element. Animals can not communicate this way so we just take a guess as to how they might feel.

cheermomtb 06-14-2007, 9:09 AM Add to the Discussion
I have never been to the Aquarium in Atlanta. Personally I feel that these animals should be left in their own enviroment. How would us as people like to be kept in captivity, and force fed for someones pleasure. This should tell someone something after 2 of them has died. Some things are just not meant for a close up of the human eye. Not to mention that the only reason they are there is to make someone else rich. If people want to see the excitement on a childs face, then take them outside and throw a ball with them or take them fishing.

Thank you,


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